Ramblings with purpose

Over the next few days I will be placing on my blog short stories I wrote in the past.  I have four beautiful children and I thought “Hey, you know what?  Aesop and Grimm and all the others who came before are fantastic, well except for Mother Goose (found her boring and she should have been cooked along time ago), but I digress.  I wanted to share my love of story telling and different cultures by writing some stories using little pieces of these beautiful cultures as a backdrop.  These stories for children (though a few led to nightmares) were my first testing of the frigid waters of writing. Even more essential they were my first steps into the world of my favorite form of literature-fantasy.

Now over the years the fantasy genre has gotten a very bad wrap, though I wish to thank Tolkien and Martin for bringing their worlds to the masses.  The snobs of “critical literature” were flummoxed and I, for one, could not be happier.  Fantasy has been around since the dawn of man.  When the earliest men shared stories around the first fires and told what we now call “Creation Myths” this was nothing less than Fantasy.  When man put stories into the sky and named the constellations they were sharing stories of fantasy.  Every culture of man has its own form of mythology, though down the road of my blog you will see through my writings that my favorite are those of the Celtic and Norse variety.  All these were stories of Fantasy.  Considered by many to be the greatest writer of all time, when he wasn’t writing a play for every English king, Shakespeare wrote several fantasies, the best known “Midsummer Night’s Dream”

So I have several short stories for my children that I will share with you.  I also will share excerpts from the completed novels and ones in “production”.  Down the road one of the excerpts will be a submission to the “Writers of the Future” competition, winners of which include one of trailblazers of the Fantasy World, Patrick Rothfuss.

So now our adventure begins


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