“The Red Ball” – the second in the “Innocent Children” series

The Red Ball


I felt the warmth on my face

It was a warm day and my face was flushed

I had all my uncles over watching the game with dad

They let me eat the potato chips

I could not drink their drinks though

Beer they called it

I got the water from the tap.

It was cool

I would try to watch with them but I got shooed away

I asked too many questions


The game was over and everyone partied on the front yard

I still wanted a taste of beer

I got shooed away

“Go play with the ball”

But there was no one to play with so I pouted

And went to play with the ball


I wanted to be with my dad

He wanted to be with my uncles

So I played the ball

I did have fun though

I kicked it from one side of the yard to the other

My dad earlier had said, “Watch the street”


As the ball got loose from me into the street

My dad’s words fluttered away like a butterfly on the wind

I did not see the car

I barely heard it

It did not hurt as I flew into the air

But as the car screeched to a stop, hitting the tree

I hit the ground and nothing had ever hurt more


I felt the warmth seep from me, leaving me

I heard my dad and uncles scream

They did not rush to me but to the man

As I lay there I saw them drag him out of the car

I saw them pull him into the street

He was punched and kicked


My face was pressed against the pavement

The men knocked him to the ground

Punching, kicking until he did not get up

The same warmth left him


I heard my mother scream, a scream for me

I coudn’t feel my legs

I couldn’t feel my belly anymore

I could’t feel my arms

Couldn’t feel


I saw the man his eyes staring across the road

Our eyes locked for just a second

In a moment the light in his eyes went out

I can’t see

I no longer heard my mother’s screams


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