“I Can’t Breathe”

“They build walls to keep the brown man out and build walls to keep the black man in”


On a normal day “There would be no one around when he was put in the ground.”

That is what would have happened but he got shot by a cop


At the spot he died, flowers were lay, until they died too.

They w put candles and lit them and the flames died too.

Letters left that would drift away. To be forgotten perhaps as he would one day.

All these remembrances that justice and life are not wedded.


They shot him down. A camera was there to witness it.

But no honest man was there to give testimony.

A neighborhood cried out, some for blood

While other cops turned their cameras off.

Wanting only to police in the dark.


Politicians demanded change and claimed futile outrage.

They stood there behind a podium, the only ones with power.

Attorneys won’t prosecute their friends.

You can’t win anything without the badge endorsing you.

Not when you want to be mayor one day.

Governor one day.

Maybe President one day.


Two hundred years ago it was the shackles.

Sixty years ago it was the noose

And the police dogs let loose.

Today it is the cabbie driving by.

City schools crumble while the white flight prospers

Today it is the scared white cop seeing shadows everywhere.

Seeing your entire people as shadows.


They claim we have come a long way.

All I know is that we have a much longer way to go.


One thought on ““I Can’t Breathe”

  1. Pat Cegan

    Beautiful, sad, true. Man’s inhumanity is staggering. I agree that we may “have come a long way,” but the core is still filled with hatred, greed, and prejudice. But there are good people on Earth, people awakening, wanting life to be about love, not greed. Let us be part of that change, one soul at a time. hugs, pat



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