In This Trail of Man and Nature





In this trail of man and nature 

The slightest hint of mist touches the light of the stretching lamps

They reach into the night, where darkness holds sway

The light stretches to reveal the peaceful scene below

The harshness of the sharpened gravel that surrounds the thick metal tracks


The world of quiet lives here, only touched on its periphery

By the song of crickets in the grasses’ edge

Here peace resides, a lonely and elegant thing

One brought by the dark that the lamps strive to hinder


During the time of brightest light this is a world of noise

Loud horns, screeching brakes and the calls of porters, a place of man

Here in the dark it all fades away on the wings of a moth

Little things that stare at the light and do not appreciate the darkness


Just around the bend the light is brighter still

The station standing in silent watch

Awaiting its usefulness and the promise of the dawn

Its brightness adding to define the limits of the darkness


At this convergence of man and nature

Where man has cut a swatch through the heart of nature

A place of lumbering machines and the scurrying of man

In the night nature returns to hold sway


In this trail of man and nature


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