Love (2014)

Love is when you ache on the inside

Love is when you could be next to each other

And yet the gap is too wide


Love is looking up at the stars

And realizing how far they are away

And how close you are


Love is falling asleep

And never wanting the morning to come

Knowing that you will ruin it all


Love is all about the little things

The little differences

And the little smiles of knowing


Love is passion

Passion is indescribable

But you know both and are never in doubt


Love is a light

No matter what the darkness brings

The smallest of light overpowers any darkness



Love is regret

Knowing that you wish life was different

But parts you would never want to change


Love is a tree

It can whether any storm

Its roots are planted in the soul


Love is strength

Love is belief

Love is Love



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