Love is a Drug-2015

Love is a Drug- 2015

I got my first taste of it at fourteen

And the first taste is always free

And instantly was hooked

I could not get enough of it

Drug after drug, girl after girl

Each time more dangerous than the last

No drug was ever enough


I would smoke this love

Sniff this love

Take little papers with happy faces

Shrooms of love

Pop any pill I could get my hands on

I would steal other people’s drugs

No drug was ever enough


I would drop one drug for another

And try going back to other drugs I had spurned.

When I couldn’t get those drugs

I would spiral and haunt those drugs

My friends would introduce me to other drugs

No drug was enough



I would spend thousands on these drugs

I would get so high on these drugs

But after the first taste, no taste was quite like the first

I kept trying to hold onto this drug or that

But when I was offered a new drug I grabbed it

No drug was ever enough


I went into rehab to end my addiction.

I spoke to priests, talkers, anyone who would listen

The more I talked, the more I was miserable

The more I wanted the next drug

I tournaquated my heart and pumped it full of the drug

No drug was never enough


I hit bottom.

I couldn’t think, I couldn’t work

I couldn’t eat and all my thoughts were about drugs

They found me in a corner begging for a fix

Drugs don’t want you then

Then the drugs would crush


I went through withdrawal

The drugs itching me inside and out.

They say you can get off any drug

I waited and waited

And as soon as I was better, they came back to me

But no drug was ever enough


Everyone wants a happy ending

When you are an addict

There are no such things

Love is spiteful and play the same games you do

You might find the perfect drug

But then the other love is an addict too

Because no drug is ever enough.


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