Bottom of the Hole

Grace can take you down the rabbit hole
The Sandman can take you to the kingdom of Sleep
But the sheep jumping over the fence cannot help you
Nor can Little Bo Peep
You sit there in a recliner
Drinking your life away
Your only friends Captain Morgan and two ice cubes
Keep you there all night and day
You lost your wife and kids
And you’re about to lose your home
You tried twelve steps and tripped over number two
And now you’re all alone
You tried on God and shrinks
As if they were a pair of pants
You tried to stop and the withdrawal
With your skin crawling, covered in ants
The headaches make you sick
And always pound
As pointless as a deaf man
Who cannot hear a sound
You have not showered
Or bathed in days
You look to the left at the black metallic thing
Upon which your eyes continue to gaze
Not the remote for pointless change
Of each mind numbing showing at which you scoff
But the shiny purchase from a pawnshop
With its safety off
You swallow down the rest of your friend…

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